Q: Are these gym shorts or swim shorts?

That's the beauty of this first production run, they can be used for both!

SOL Shorts were designed with your needs in mind! We found that occasionally our customers just wanted a standard pair of shorts with both aesthetic patterns and functional, full-size pockets. So that's exactly what we made! These shorts can be used for the gym or on the beach, it's completely up to you and that's exactly how we like it! Read more below!

 Q: When will I receive my shorts after pre-ordering through your site?

For pre-orders directly through our website, we are scheduled to ship your shorts in early August!

Q: What is the sizing for SOL Shorts?

Please see our sizing guide for the sizing of our shorts!

Q: Can SOL Shorts be worn and used as board shorts?

Short answer, yes! We are working to design a more swim-friendly version of our shorts which will launch on our website after our Kickstarter campaign is complete, but for now they can ABSOLUTELY be used for both gym and swim!

Q: What's next for the SOL brand?

We are just getting started! A huge THANK YOU to our amazing pre-order customers for helping us make this dream into a reality. We want to bring the best pair of shorts to the market and provide our customers with a variety of options in the hopes of being able to offer a platform from which customers are able to customize their perfect pair. From compression liners to swim liners, to no liners, we are creating an e-commerce platform that will truly embody a full customizable shorts experience. All under the performance brand label that is SOL Shorts.

Q: What is the best way to contact SOL Shorts?

We would love to help you with any and all questions that you may have about SOL Shorts and/or our Kickstarter campaign! Please send all questions/concerns to support@solshorts.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to speaking with you!